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What Makes Us Different?​


Industry Understanding: We’re not just familiar with the Pool build & renovation industry we’ve exclusively generated leads for it over the past 5 years.

Appointment Mastery: We’ve perfected the art of ensuring leads book appointments. Whether they’re scheduling directly with you or we’re doing it on their behalf, we make it seamless.

Building Trust: We foster a sense of familiarity and trust around your business. When leads come to you, they expect and desire to speak with you directly.

Strong Conversion Rates: Our Pool build & renovation leads don’t just look good on paper. They close at rates of 10%-20% or even higher, ensuring a solid ROI for your business.

Cross Channel Marketing:​

Leads see your brand (& therefore you) in many places, leading to greater trust:


How It Works


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We find “niche leads” in real time


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They complete our qualification survey


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You Contact Them ASAP

Get access to our Industry-Best 6-Step Lead Follow-Up Formula!


We’ve meticulously crafted a 6-step lead follow-up formula based on industry best practices, designed to empower our new clients to maximise their lead contact rate and conversion rate.


Hear what our amazing
customers say


Laslo & team @ Ontapleadgen have blown our campaign out of the water and started delivering leads a few days after we signed up. After being burnt by a big name agency who delivered 5 leads in 3 months, it’s been a welcome change. We’re now at over 70 leads in 3 weeks and I’ve got thousands of dollars in quotes out to customers and counting. Highly recommended and definitely know what they’re doing.

 Laslo & team @ Ontapleadgen have completely rebranded and leveled up our Massage therapy business. We’ve gone from walk-in foot traffic to consistent bookings online from our marketing efforts, our only trouble now is staffing to keep up with the demand”

I have been using Laslo – Ontapleadgen services for the last three months and really happy with the way that he’s set up the campaign and ads for my business. I have got more than $60k in quotes already with almost the same amount in the conversations with the new clients. Highly recommend his services. He’s great in communicating his ideas and will tell you exactly what to expect with your budget.

Laslo and his Team are very highly recommended. they bring value to my business and delivers what they promise.. started with Laslo in late 2019 and he worked magic bringing leads and business to our doors.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Ontapleadgen, we specialise in curating high-quality leads tailored for trade businesses. We provide exclusive leads for Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations, Home Extensions, Pool Construction, Residential Painting, and Solar Solutions. Our aim is to connect you with genuinely interested clients, boosting your conversion rate and growth.

Payment is due upfront before lead delivery. We accept credit card payments, direct bank transfers, or offer a business cash advance via Leda. All transactions are protected by our performance guarantee.

After payment is processed, leads generally start flowing in 24-48 hours. For more complex CRM integrations, please allow up to 5 business days to test and finalise setup.

We immediately replace any fake leads or disconnected numbers at no extra cost. If, for any reason, we can’t meet the promised lead quantity (a situation we’ve yet to encounter), we’ll refund the value of the undelivered leads.

In certain instances, we might. Please reach out to discuss further details.

We provide a spectrum of lead grades, spanning from sub-prime to mid-prime and prime. Lead prices begin at $120 + GST, with various qualifying criteria and appointment types having distinct price points. Reach out to us for a detailed discussion for your industry.

We can seamlessly integrate leads into nearly any CRM. If you lack one, we’re equipped to provide it, complete with a mobile app. Alternatively, we can dispatch leads to a Google Sheet or directly through Email & SMS.

Our minimum order stands at 25 leads. Anything less doesn’t offer a viable return on investment for us, and the sample would be insufficient for your potential return evaluation. If you’re contemplating the 25-lead package, we typically advise a 3-month trial, amounting to a comprehensive sample of 75 leads over the period.

We leverage cutting-edge cross-channel marketing strategies, primarily focusing on platforms like Google, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

We offer flexible delivery options for leads. They can be dispatched to you through email, SMS, Google Sheet, or directly integrated into your CRM. If you don’t have a CRM, we’ll provide one free of charge for a 30-day trial, complete with a mobile app for convenient access to the leads. You can choose any or a combination of these methods as per your preference.

Getting Qualified Leads Is Simple with Ontapleadgen.

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