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About Us


Ontapleadgen, founded by Laslo Biro in 2019, is your solution for quality leads, enhanced brand visibility, and business growth. We help you thrive in a competitive market by providing top-notch leads and effective tools to nurture and convert them into paying clients, transforming your business into an Australian household brand.


The Man Behind The Business


Laslo Biro​

Laslo Biro, the driving force behind Ontapleadgen, marries his formidable background in lead generation with a notable chapter at Oracle/Netsuite. There, he consistently stood out, ranking within the top 1% of achievers — a testament to his unparalleled work ethic and prowess. This commendable ethic seamlessly transitioned to his venture into the digital marketing realm. Now, Laslo’s strategies are laser-focused on delivering robust lead generation for trade and service-based businesses, ensuring they don’t just meet, but significantly exceed, their revenue aspirations.